Collagen Peptides – 150 Vegicaps

✓ 950mg of hydrolyzed collagen per serving
✓ Type 1 and 111
✓ From grass-fed
✓ Pasture-raised
✓ Free from hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides
✓ Unflavoured
✓ Paleo and keto friendly
✓ Non-GMO
✓ Sustainably sourced
✓ Naturally high in protein
✓ Contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass and bones


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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and it is found in skin, bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments, and connective tissues.
Collagen is a protein that forms bonds in the body to provide strength, elasticity, and structure.

Unfortunately, collagen production naturally declines as we age.

Type I and type III collagen peptides are abundant in our grass-fed, free-range, and pasture-raised bovine collagen peptide powder.
Our collagen manufacturing process employs cutting-edge technology to produce a protein with a low molecular weight for increased bioavailability and digestion.

These capsules contain 100% collagen peptides powder, with no fillers, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients.


100% Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen

Shell Capsule: Hypromellose

Naturally free from wheat, gluten, lactose and dairy. Paleo and keto friendly. Non GMO. Hormone, antibiotics and pesticide free.


Adult intake 2 – 4 capsules once or twice daily, according to your personal and lifestyle needs.

Take before or after food with water. Can take up to 15 capsules a day.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration is not required.

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