Knee/Elbow Wrap – Small

Developed to ease arthritis, inflamed joints, strained ligaments and tendons.

Our magnetic knee wrap uses the highest quality in neodymium magnets.

This knee wrap can also be used as an elbow wrap.


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The strength of Norstar magnets will offer deep penetrating relief and maximize the healing ability throughout the area.

In combining Norstar magnets with Stomatex fabric, our wrap offers lightweight support that will adjust to your body’s requirements.

The magnets are uniquely built into a movable pad system which lets you position the pads over areas of most concern.

Size guide

1 inch to 6 inches

Power rating

12,300 gauss core/1,200 gauss surface

Pack contains

2x moveable Pads (2 Neodymium Magnets)
1x knee/elbow wrap (small)

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