Lumbar Pad with Cover

Problems with the lower back affects a vast amount of men and women. It is responsible for tens of thousands of lost working days.

The Lumbar Pad will work actively over a large area of the back (15cms x 20cms – 6″ x 8″). However, by the very nature in which our blood circulates around the body, the Lumbar Pad will often cause benefits to be seen over a much wider area.


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The magnetic energy will continue to “feed” your whole system, which will have a long term detoxifying effect.

The pad will last you for year bringing with it the relief and help you require.

Power Rating

12,300 gauss core

Pack contains

18 x ½” neodymium magnets
1 x Hand Washable Terry Towelling Cover
1 x 15cms x 20cms pad

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