The Powerband is designed to improve general health and to alleviate pain in the hand and wrist area.

The Powerband can be worn as frequently as you want – the benefits will increase with use.


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With two powerful ½” neodymium magnets on an adjustable nylon band, the Powerband is ideal for use when an alternative to a looser bracelet is preferred, and is widely used by builders, people using computers and to help RSI/Carpal Tunnel.

Likewise, mountain bikers, tennis players, fisherman and anyone else whose wrists come under pressure and muscle stress will benefit from the Powerband. Weightlifters and rowers will benefit from wearing two Powerbands.

Size guide

Fully adjustable strap from 14cm – 25cm

Power rating

12,300 gauss core / 1,200 – 1,500 gauss surface

Pack contains

One Norstar Powerband which contains two 1/2 inch high quality neodymium magnets

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