D.I.Y Coconut & Rosemary Face/Hair oil

Rosemary has potent anti-bacterial elements.

When used topically, it deeply cleanses and stimulates healing to leave skin/hair more refreshed than ever.

Coconut oil is a great at repairing and restoring and can also keep moisture in the skin by slowing down the evaporation.

T I P S:
Hair- excellent hair moisturiser but can be a little difficult to wash out so better as a deep scalp moisturiser, rather than a hair moisturiser.

Skin- oils (if used excessively) can be comedogenic so if you are prone to congestion avoid regular use on the face.


Thank you to the lovely Ingrid Raphael – London for your contribution
As a Medical Aesthetician and Cosmetician, her sole aim is to create a sanctuary away from daily life that helps you to emerge rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed. Delivering unforgettable experiences that replenish the skin and provide a higher, deeper level of personal satisfaction, priding herself on thoughtfully designed treatments that deliver lasting impact in an environment of pure serenity. Every treatment is completely tailored to what the skin needs, based on comprehensive analysis. She personally source a range of clinically proven products, derived from natural ingredients, to transform skin at a deeper level.
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