Internal Sunshine for Body and Mind

Would you like to feel energised, cleansed, mentally alert and focused, with a renewed enthusiasm for life and in no time at all? This is what happens when you infuse your cells with bio-available sunshine in the form of liquid chlorophyll – the life-force of plants.

The esteemed Hippocrates Health Institute maintains that consuming greens should be the foundation of our lives, something which is endorsed by naturopaths and holistic health healers around the globe. (1)

We can, of course, incorporate plenty of green foods into our diet should we be so moved, but unless we are juicing, we truly are unlikely to be getting enough of the green benefits.

Introducing chlorophyll loaded supplements is therefore highly advantageous. If you are already well versed in the benefits of chlorella, spirulina and wheatgrass, but have yet to try chlorophyll in its liquid form, then dive right on in.

A Good Trend Never Ends

Although currently trending, natural health therapists have long been enthusing over the benefits of chlorophyll, with good reason. Some 80 years ago, a study of 1200 people, with a variety of disease conditions treated with chlorophyll, concluded, “it is interesting to note there is not a single case recorded in which improvement or cure has not taken place.” (2)

Chlorophyll is rightly considered a superfood by health practitioners, although admittedly not as sexy as raw cacao. Although sexy is as sexy does, and the energising effects of chlorophyll reach all parts.

The Benefits

Chlorophyll is a powerhouse of pure healing because it meets the three main requirements of inner health, namely the cleansing, restoring, and maintaining of the physical body from a cellular level.

● Chlorophyll cleanses and detoxifies by way of its alkalising components. In his dramatically entitled book, ‘Alkalize or Die’, Dr Theodore A Baroody calls it an alkaline superfood and states, “when you change the diet to more alkaline-forming foods and supplements, tissue acid wastes start to mobilise toward the bloodstream and lymphatic elimination channels. And whatever was stored in the tissues… will be dumped into the general circulation for removal.” (3) This means there may be detox symptoms as the healing process begins. It will depend upon your current state of health as to the degree to which you feel these.

● Chlorophyll restores and rebuilds. Chlorophyll is virtually the same structure as haemoglobin, only differentiated by the molecule at the centre. Healthy blood is vital in rejuvenating the body. Biochemist Lita Lee noted that chlorophyll “appears to stimulate regeneration of damaged liver cells and increases circulation to all organs by dilating blood vessels. In the heart, it aids in the transmission of nerve impulses that control contraction.” This means a slower heart rate yet with increased power, with more oxygen coursing through the blood supply, and consequently infusing all parts of the body with extra oxygen, something we all need, living in a modern toxic environment. (4)

Chlorophyll harmonises and maintains a healthy body. As Dr Brian Clements asserts, “Disease cannot exist in an alkaline and oxygenated body.” Chlorophyll blocks carcinogens, so once you are clean, you can keep it that way. In a human study, it was shown to inhibit the absorption of radioactive atafloxins into the bloodstream. More recently, it has been found that chlorella has an effect on Q10 regenerating this important antioxidant and improving its performance. (6) (7)

Our Light Bodies

We are light bodies – we need the sun, and not only for the vitamin D – which is all well and good if we can spend optimum amounts of time absorbing it each day but for most of us, this isn’t an option.

It has been found that sunlight lowers the risk of many disease conditions, including ones such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis. Not surprisingly, these conditions are also aided by a high intake of chlorophyll. Combining time in the sun with and ingestion of chlorophyll serves to supercharge all functions in our bodies. (8)

Quality Counts

Liquid chlorophyll is easily assimilated as it is in a bio-available form, meaning its effects are rapid. Many over the counter liquid chlorophyll supplements contain chlorophyllin which is derived from sodium copper salts, making them semi-synthetic, which is cheaper to manufacture and has a longer shelf life. (9) These products are not the same as pure unadulterated liquid chlorophyll.

Although the supplements with chlorophyllin can be somewhat effective, it seems it can also cause symptoms of nausea and anaemia, and applied topically can cause itching and mild burning; however, with pure chlorophyll this is not the case. (10)

Many liquid chlorophyll preparations also have added flavourings and glycerin instead of being pure 100% chlorophyll. A pure liquid chlorophyll produced from alfalfa leaves also delivers the healing benefits of this plant which has been used since ancient times for a variety of ailments. There have been no side effects reported with the long-term use of pure chlorophyll, which makes it an extremely safe yet potent remedy or supercharged booster shot for anyone. (11)