A Natural Way to Sparkly White Teeth

With these two natural ingredients you could have
sparkling, healthy white teeth.

Reduce inflammation, antibacterial and healthy gums.


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Detoxifying Face Mask

This mask is a wonderfully effective method to detox,
feed and invigorate tired skin.

It will enrich and nourish
your cells with vitamins and minerals.


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Intensive, Strengthening Hair Mask

Hemp seed oil’s superior moisturising qualities make it a great choice for dry, brittle hair. It helps to strengthen the hair as it is able to restore the hairs natural moisture and nourish the scalp.


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Natural Home Made Deodorant

We’ve all heard about the dangers of conventional deodorants and how they contain dangerous aluminium and parabens. For woman this can particularly worrisome because of the closeness of the breast tissue. Try this natural and effective deodorant that you can be sure is safe and actually good for you!


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Make Up Remover

A natural make up remover, that will nourish and hydrate your skin at the same time.

Works perfectly on stubborn eye make up, and is a fabulous eye cream.


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After – Sun Lotion

After sun exposure your skin needs extra attention to treat or prevent any potential damage and in turn restore its health and radiance. Here’s a home made after-sun lotion that you can create in minutes from your own home.


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